1. where is my 9 year old brother


  2. i watched an interview with this little guy in the countryside and he said he likes to eat the syberian dumplings (pelmeni) with mayo+ketchup and i wanted to tell him he should eat them with something else


  3. i deleted my fb cause a preacher from latvian camp wanted to add me and i dont like him


  4. i made a guy on facebook called dreika  i just needed an account for my sim prizes


  5. Anonymous asked: The eyebrow guy is the most common face we see in our dreams

    i never saw him in my dream. i like him because he looks smart

  6. this little boy only made a tutorial of what to do if you become homeless and got rude comments like he was called a retard and i felt so sorry for him i liked his video


  7. >:={


  8. Anonymous asked: Is the leopard a hat or a thought?


  9. (Source: trivialspoon)


  10. yubeydelgado asked: Are you selling that drawing? The "I forgot the other hand" drawing. Please message me back if you are. Thank you. Take care, -Y

    oh i’ve never sold any of my drawings before I would probably redo it on good paper and do it better if I consider selling later that one was really quick


  11. Anonymous asked: post more art

    I’m going to do some drawings this week ill post if they’re any good

  14. forgot the other hand


  15. im never growing out my bangs