1. Anonymous said: debuja, you're gonna be the coolest girl in school.

    Thanks i hope i will! Im going to work really harrd

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  3. I had a terrifying scary dream and I forgot what was scary about it. In the end of it there was a little box of liquid soap that said Pussy Cobain on it and you had to wash peoples butts and vagina with it


  4. Jurj and jejuba are me and urjiis new nicknames write down and dont forget


  5. Im going to school tomorrow!

  8. Crispy cracklings!

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  9. My step brother got a big head and im laughin. He looks sad like he ate too much greasy food on the fluffy carpet but he has to smile for the camera but his mouth full of oily fat meatball

  10. Mel wants more notes like and reply my sisa mel shes my best friend and shes a year you ger than me so shes my twin kind of and shes fast and plays many music instruments such as: guitar, piano, saxophone, harmonica. She went to music school

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  14. which ones you