1. Cailoou got a round BALL head


  2. Cailou has no friends he lies cause hes a scared baby

  3. Cailo is such a loser coward pussy fat baby


  4. Anonymous said: what ya star sign



  5. 21 october, my friends dont care they all leave and not online you all left me you all dont care about me my friends are gone now im alone now im scared now im in the darkness


  6. hi sandra, you are so cute, you are my crush, i love your song secret land

  7. <3<3

  8. sandra mycrush


  9. I recorder my self singing ariana grande break free ill post later

  10. snopycokepot:

    Sooo pretty hair


  13. hejj9o9o:



    hejj9o9o emba give me babysit tips and tales


    …fun games ..like this one where you give them a word like “baked beans” and they can only answer to that so you ask them q’s like..”what do you shower in?” and they must say the word but if they laugh they loose:-))
    Also pretend you are on the phone with santa if they are naughty:~))

    oMG ur the best nanni


  14. If we have one leg no problem finding socks


  15. 1 pant