1. I take morning selfies like once a year


  2. I cant get up


  3. Now im gonna clean my rom in the moonlight

  4. :(


  5. My dad puts the snails on the pan. the pan is hot and theres oil and snail is bubbling. Snail screams!!

  6. thinkxspace:

    MUSIC to my eyes



  7. Snail slimes over the rock and then he stops because now hes on the road. there cars everywhere. snail screams!!

  8. discardingimages:

    screaming snail

    Xenophon, Retreat of the Ten Thousand (French translation), France ca. 1501.

    BnF, Français 701, fol. 46r


  9. (Source: aboutcareful)

  10. (Source: d0all)

  11. debuja:


    he’s my boyfriend

  12. i am the little droopy


  14. I told my grandpa three times the fish he’s making is called catfish in english and he didn’t hear it he just laughed and talked about making his fish


  15. I cant beleive mac demarco put his finger in his bum. i never liked him anyway